Aegis Value Homes brings the philosophy of innovation, housing for all and excellence to the real estate Industry. All of Aegis Value Homes properties are a dream transformed to reality by internationally experienced professionals with over 20 years of experience. In a short span, we have successfully stepped into the real estate sector in both residential and commercial domains. In the last five years, Aegis Value Homes is the recipient of numerous awards and recognition, including best innovator in Affordable Housing Segment.

Residential Real Estate Development

The growth in the residential real estate market in India has been largely driven by rising disposable income, a rapidly growing middle class, low interest rates ,fiscal incentives on both interest and principal payments for housing loans, heightened customer expectations, as well as urbanization and growing number of nuclear families


    Our values serve as a compass for our actions and describe how we behave in the world

  • Leadership: The courage to shape a better future
  • Integrity: Be real
  • Passion: Committed in heart & mind
  • Quality: What we do, we do well


Aegis Homes aims at replicating the experience of a world-class community living of self-contained townships into projects across all major and progressive destinations of India. Aegis has identified the city of Karnal, where it would launch its first project. Aegis’ core philosophy is to cater to the real demand of residential housing for middle and upper middle-income segment people. Aegis management team, which is educated from premier institutes such as IITs, The Johns Hopkins University, and other prominent US schools, has gainfully worked both nationally and abroad in relevant industry, and is determined to set a new benchmark in providing quality, and delivering projects ahead of time.

Core Team

Gaurav Dhamija
Managing Director

Gaurav completed his Masters in Finance from The Johns Hopkins University, and is a CFA level III candidate. While in the US, he worked closely with the former CFO of the US treasury on realty projects of international significance. There, Gaurav developed a vision for the need of high quality yet affordable housing in India.

Hence, Aegis Homes Limited was formed. Gaurav’s past projects have received awards from the likes of Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh. In the Industry, Gaurav is known for exceeding client’s expectations by delivering projects ahead of time.

Hence, Aegis Homes Limited was formed. Gaurav’s past projects have received awards from the likes of Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh. In the Industry, Gaurav is known for exceeding client’s expectations by delivering projects ahead of time.

Divey Dhamija
Lead Director

Mr. Divey Dhamija is the Founder and Lead Director at the Aegis Value Homes Ltd., where he helms key roles such as Business Planning, Finance, Business Strategy, Product Conceptualising, Team Management and Business Development. A graduate of St.Theresa’s Convent and MM Engineering college, Ambala, Mr. Dhamija is a qualified IT engineer and has several years of experience in handling financial and regulatory aspects related to real estate projects. Born to a family with a real estate background, he has inherited and built upon a deep understanding of the field. He is thus uniquely qualified to fulfill consumer needs and provide unanticipated solutions to clients. Extremely passionate, he is committed to a vision of providing consistent and credible quality and value. Regarding his view of the Indian real estate scenario he is clear and articulate. According to Mr. Dhamija, “India has seen a remarkable development in the real estate sector in the past decade. Indian real estate business is expected to grow from the current USD 15 billion to USD 105 billion in the next 10 to 12 years.”

As per Mr. Dhamija, business will boom even further with overseas companies settling here in good numbers, creating job opportunities and bringing about a requirement of office, retail and residential spaces. Business will also boom thanks to the increasing buying power of the average Indian, the existence of customer friendly banks & housing finance companies, professionalism in the real estate sector and favourable modifications initiated by the government to attract global investors, especially the opening of FDI in Indian Properties. The scenario for the real estate business is therefore on the whole very favourable. The only improvement that is required today is for developers to stick to commitments and thus regain their credibility. Mr. Dhamija is thus extremely focussed on guaranteeing and delivering timely possessions and quality construction. In his words,

"Credibility is a million times more valuable to an enterprise than profitability. Let us take care to honour our word, and the profits shall take care of themselves."

Social Responsibility

Aegis Value Homes is deeply committed to impacting social change and has therefore invested time and capital in various social development programmes. From conducting tree plantation drives to creating awareness on the social evils, Aegis Value Homes has been at the forefront of impacting social change in the state of Haryana and the community at large.